David Wood is a christian apologetic that critique islam.


Anthony Brian Logan

Conservative man on current events.


Angry Foreigner

Drinks beer and questions pc-culture and immigration in Sweden. Whats not to like?


Apostate Prophet

Ex-muslim with a lot of knowledge and humour criticize islam.


A Swede Speaks

Conservative christian talks about news in Sweden and about islamic terror.


Louder with Crowder

Fun and conservative with interesting guests.


Jordan B. Peterson

Professor and clinical psychologist that care about free speech.


Reverend Simon Sideways

British conservative talk about current topics.


Roaming Millenial

Smart roaming comments about current nes and politics.


Gad Saad

Evolutionary behavioural scientist that critique political correctness and more.


Sargon of Akkad

Liberal british man in search for truth using logic.


Lauren Southern

Conservative journalist.


Mona Walter

Somalian woman who moved to Sweden and converted to christianity. Translates videos from her native country.


Tipping point with Liz Wheeler

Conservative Liz tacles all subjects in a fast pace.