Residence permits & rapes

SWEDEN. The so-called gymnasium law, that would make it possible for 9 000 Afghans to stay and study, is the unwanted gift that just keeps going.

After the law fell apart an appeal have been lodged against the Superior Migration Court. They won’t be able to take care of it för the next two months and during that time buisness will carry on as usual!

The Swedish Migration Board will act as if the law is functional and hand out residence permits even though the law might be disqualified. As many as 4000 Afghans may get their permit to stay and there is no possibility to appeal it.

Today I read about a rape in Luleå and that several rapes of underage girls have taken place in Boden and the common denominater were that the perpetraitors were Afghan (and one Lebanese). The guy in Luleå got defended by a journalist who wrote that his life under the Talibans bad been hard and since he was an ateist it would be dangerous för him to go home. Well, if he hadn’t attacked a woman, beaten her unconcious and then raped her I might have felet some sympathy for him. He has shown his true colors – time to go home!