Former ISIS-member arrested for murder

SWEDEN. Two persons were shot to death on the third of July in an housing area in the no go zone Vivalla, Örebro. The victims were two men in their twenties and that later died. Now a fourth suspect have been arrested. 

VivallaÖrebroSwedenThe man is in his thirties and have a criminal background. He went to Syria and fought with an organization connected to ISIS together with his two brothers. About thirty others from Vivalla did the same thing, but the man was one of the very first who traveled there. He returned some years ago while the brothers are thoughts to have been killed. What he may have done in Syria is, according to his attorney, isn’t a part of this investigation. He denies all accusations, past and present.

Three persons, aged 15, 20 and 31, are arrested since before under suspicion of murder. The police is still searching for others that may have been involved and aided them. The rumour on the internet is that it’s an act of revenge for a shooting in 2015 and after that the Somali and Kurdish gangs have been at war with each others.

And the day after this shooting:

If we look at the long term deadly violence in Sweden it’s still lower than it was in the end of the eighties. 

Magdalena Andersson, Minister of Finance (S)

Yes, I remember those days in the eighties with all the gangviolence and weapons and gangrapes and drugs and assaultrapes and riots and so on. We all do, but we choose to react now, 30 years later, because of… reasons.