Armed security may be needed in hospitals

SWEDEN. The Moderate Party have promised that all hospitalstaff in Stockholm an education in safety. But Andreas Fischer, chairman for Hospital Doctors in Stockhom, say that that isn’t enough. 

The physicians have asked for this education for ten years, but Fischer thinks security have to increase anyway. Within five to ten years the emergency may need to have armed security guards. Other needs is a perimeter protection of the hospitals and check points where people pass into the building. That patients or relatives bring knives or other weapons to are well known and there have been ocurrences where nurses have been stabbed to death here in Sweden.

The last couple of years midwives in Malmö have started to wear safety alarms and I’m sure that the same have happened in other places. In the past it only was those who work in phychiatric care that wore alarms like that. Two out of three nurses have experienced threats or violence from both patientes and relatives. And absence from work due to threats and violence have increased by 40% between 2010 and 2014.