The law fell apart

SWEDEN. The law that would make it possible for “teens” from mainly Afghanistan to stay in Sweden to study have been criticized from the start, but passed when the Parliament voted. It took effect on the first of July and the first time that it was enforced it fell apart.

The migrationcourt in Malmö denied the application for recidence permit for young man from Iraq due to him not being able to prove his identity. The process planning of the law was so flawed that it’s impossible to demand anything else than full evidence. So the law can’t be used and won’t be used.

None of these unaccompanied refugee children had any identification papers with them when they came to Sweden so I guess that they won’t be getting this special treatment and have to go home like all other immigrants that doesn’t have a need for protection. Equality before the law and the same law for everyone. Just as it should be.