Quran school takes childrens energy

SWEDEN. Kent Karlsson is the principal of two elementary schools in a no go-zone in Borlänge and he is concerned about the local quran school.

IslamSchoolBoySome children have quran school three days a week while others go after every schoolday and on the weekend as well. The weekend classes can be seven hours long. The education consists of memorizing texts from the quran and learning arabic. But the principal have been told by the teachers that children have trouble coping with both the regular and quran school. They haven’t had neither the energy or time to do their homework and come to school unprepared for their lessons. Kent Karlsson is afraid that the pupils won’t learn what they should in school.

Theachers have also seen signs of behaviours that can lead to alienation. Children as young as six doesn’t want to do what the teacher says because she is white or not a muslim. Kent Karlsson is afraid that they misunderstand what they read in the quran and that makes the kids think that they only should listen to muslim men and women. I’m afraid that they aren’t misunderstanding anything at all because that’s exactly what the quran says. Non-muslims have less value or non at all. And quran schools in the west have several times showed that they teach antisemistism pro-terrorism and gender segregate.

IslamSchoolGirlThe local imam seems to have little understanding for this and said that a couple of hours quran school hardly would affect the children negatively. On the contrary he always encourage the children to study. Well, encouragement won’t give them energy to manage their homework. And considering the survey that was released recently that showed that averagely 50% of students in no go-zones doesn’t pass upper school it might be better to focus on that than memorizing the quran.

The imam also says that the religion is an important part of their identity and that their parentes want them to attend quran school. What about that the parents see to what’s in their childrens best interests? Like an education that will get them a job so they don’t end up in a gang.