A mothers touch

SWEDEN. Former Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt, the schmuck who held the Open Your Heart-speech and said that we could take in many immigrants because when he flew over Sweden he saw so much space where people could live, has opened his mouth again to enrich us with his wisdom. 

WomanSuperheroThe way to handle gangs, drugs, shootings, rapes and all other kinds of violence is for mothers to be present. Yes, he thinks mothers should go out, without any weapons and with no back-up to call for help, and then everything will be fine. It’s not like mothers can be the victims of violence and rape. No, if they only show up, motherly but firm the criminals will repent and perhaps even cry a bit. So bring hankies. And pepper spray.

Another take on this is that it’s so typically Swedish to place the responsibility on ordinary citizens when the state breaks down. So all of you who use Sweden as an example of well functioning socialism should read and re-read this: first you pay enormous taxes, then the state fail you and then you have to do their job for them.