The verdict on the Akilov-trial

SWEDEN. Rakhmat Akilov, the uzbeki ISIS-supporter who drove a truck through the crowds of people on Drottninggatan 7/4 2017, have been declared guilty of terrorism, five murders, 119 cases of attempted murders and 24 cases of placing others in harms way. He have to serve a lifetime in prison and when he’s released he will be deported for life. More than one hundred victims of this crime will get recompensation. 

AkilovTerrorA lifetime-sentence in Sweden means that you sit in prison for a minimum of 18 years, but praxis is that all prisoners get released when they have served two thirds of their punishment. That means that they real punishment is 12 years. This rule is so stupid and all criminals rely on getting out earlier. The verdict doesn’t show the real punishment.

So after a couple of years this bastard will be free, if they don’t kill him off in prison, and leave Sweden. Does anybody believe that he will be less dangerous then or that he will, after years of studying the quran with all it’s requests to kill, slip away somewhere to do more harm.

As a jihadist he’s a hero, while if he leaves islam and becomes an apostate his religions teaches that he is to be killed. Also, if he loose the ideological safeguard that tell him that what he did pleases allah he’ll have to face the consequences of what he did and handle the unbearable guilt. Are he strong enough to do that? I doubt it.