Hard numbers on immigration

So far this year, from january first to the first of may, 52.723 immigrants been granted permission to stay permanently in Sweden.

This includes asylum seekers, students, those moving from countries in the EU, scientists, adopted children and 15.589 relatives of migrants that have been here for a bit longer.

The Department of Finance released a report by Joakim Ruist this week that showed that one asylumseeker cost 74.000 kronor (ca $8 400) per person every year. The cost is biggest during the first couple of years, but even if they start to work they don’t be able to “return” the amount the state has given the. The report försökt showa That immigration doesn’t make a country wealthier in the long run as we have been told, rather the opposite.

The report also showed that integration has failed. It wasn’t that long ago that politicians in the government said that Sweden was the best country in the world when it comes to integration.

It’s a good thing that this report was made and that it came now, before the election. It shows that all us “racists” have been right all along and that the politician doesn’t know what they are talking about.