FGM performed in basement in Linköping

On a sunday in january Emma went down to the basement in the apartmenthouse when she heard a horrible scream. She ran towards it and banged the door until it was opened. In the room she found a girl on the floor about to get or who had already been circumcised.

Emma live in Linköping in Sweden and says that the scream was full of panic and pain. In the room with the 11-12 years old girl there were seven or eight men standing in a semicircle wearing their “sunday best”. They were praying.

GirlIslamFGMThe girl was on some cloth, her legs slightly parted, pulled up and covered by a blanket. By her feet sat a woman, maybe 65 years old or more. The girl wore a hijab and her head rolled back and forth. Emma went to her and saw that she was intoxicated in some way. She asked what they were doing and one of the men said that the girl was his sister and that she was sick.

Emma took up her phone and said that she was going to call the police. Then the men screamed at her that she can’t do that, they came towards Emma and tried to take her phone. At the same time the old woman took the girl by the hand and ran out the door. One of the men screamed something to them and Emma tried to follow them, but they got away.

When the police came one of the men were on his phone ordering an ambulance for “a girl with a bad headache”. Emma asked him where the girl went, but he doesn’t answer. Later the police showed her a photo of the girl that went to the hospital in the ambulance so she could identify her. But that wasn’t the girl she saw in that room in the basement. They had switched the girl that went through FGM with another to be examined at the hospital.


A couple of weeks ago Emma were told by the police that the investigation had been dismissed. The police have said to newspapers that they know that FGM occurs in Linköping, but they haven’t been able to get a conviction (since FGM were made illegal 1982 there have only been two convictions in Sweden).

Emma is still thinking about the girl, worries about her and wonders if she have someone who canhelp her. I hope so too,