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May I change your nappie?

Just when I think that our society have reached Peak SJW something like this happens: author and educator Deanne Carson talked about the importance of setting up a culture of consent in the family.

Australian TV interviewed Deanne were she talked about how her work with familys can start directly when they come home from the maternity ward. To show the baby that her (am I allowed to gender her? Don’t want to assign her the wrong sex) response matters you should ask if it’s ok for you to change the diaper, then have eye-contact and wait for what her body language says.

My first comment on this is that if you feel the need to invite this pink-haired lady in your family you are NOT ready to be a parent. Everybody feels insecure as a new parent but don’t pay for this made-up advice.

Second comment is that talking to and having eye-contact with your child comes automatic (if you’re normal). You are constantly aware of your babys signals without thinking about it.

Third comment is that this remind me of how sexual abuse victims can react to their childs nakedness and it’s not a sound way to react. A naked baby isn’t sexual and changing a nappie isn’t abuse.

Fourth comment is that this very pink lady clearly have never handled a screaming infant with shit from her belly bottom to her neck.

Fifth comment: what kind of person do you become when consent is asked from you all the time? And try to get consent to do ANYTHING with that kid when she’s two or three years old!


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