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ISIS kills one in Paris

We have enter the ramadan season and this is probably just the first act of terror against innocents that are on the way. ISIS have taken responsibility for this attack.


The man killed one person, a 29-year-old man, and wounded four with a knife in Paris Opera district. Two of the wounded are in a serious condition, but the injuries are not lifethreatening. Others around heard the man shout Allahu Akbar. The area is one of nightlife so people ran to hide inside cafés and restaurants. He tried to get into several of them, but were blocked by those hiding inside.

The terrorist began his evil deed at 21.00 by stabbing people while walking on rue Monsigny. Witnesses say his has brown hair, a beard and wore black tracksuit trousers. Police arrived within minutes and after failing to stun him they shoot him dead. He has not been identifyed.

The Parisian and french politicians have already started their rant of comforting and strengthening statements to the victims, their familys and the french people and soon the rest of the world will follow in the same way. I imagine it must be hard to come up with something creative by this time. But I guess it keeps them busy so they won’t have to see the root of the problem.


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