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Conservatives want “call to prayers” too

Swedish Free Moderate Student Association have sent their applications to the police for their own call to prayer. They want the same rights as the mosque in Växjö.

At 100 dBA for three minutes every friday, starting at 12.00, they want to be allowed call out over Stockholm:

Freedom is the highest – lower the taxes!

The police did say that it isn’t about opinions and that they only take into consideration if the sound is a disturbance. So if the muslims are granted their calls why shouldn’t we all have the same right if we have something we want to say? I think this is a brilliant and hilarious move, but I’m sure it will be found to be islamophobic by some.

Which brings to mind the american celebrity party the other day where the theme was catholicism. So, how was it now?

My culture isn’t your masquerade costume! Or prom dress!

Cultural appropriation!!

The horror! I don’t think many catholics cared about their vulgar play for attention. And can you imagine the outcry and bloodshed if the theme was islam? How many people have been killed for not living up to their blasphemy-laws? And at the same time it’s christians that are the oppressive patriarchs.


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