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Pre-schoolers bullied because of religion

In Haninge, south of Stockholm, a pre-school have sent a letter to all of the childrens parents about how bullying have become a problem among the six-year-olds. The school lies in an area that is at a risk of becoming a no go-zone.

The letter mention kids playing GTA and playing war violently as a cause, but that the problem also have a religious component. Some of the children have been the target of harrassment from others of the same age because they eat pork or wear shorts. There have also been comments about adults that doesn’t wear the hijab. A parent said:

– You never imagine that children as young as these can act like this. This is reversed racism.

IslamQuoteOne wonders how a letter will rectify this? Many immigrants have problems understanding swedish and for some being able to read at all is a new thing or maybe something they still doesn’t manage. Other parents say that this won’t be enough and that if the problem were reversed the school would react much more forcefully. They doubt that the bullies parents will care at all and want the school to engage social services and inform these parents how things work in Sweden. And if things don’t change they want there to be consequences.

I’ve read about cases with religious bullying here in Sweden before, but then it involved older children and it wasn’t limited to words. The only explanation to these ways, especially with small children, is that they must have learned this at home by copying others way of talking and acting. They hear that our way of living is wrong and that it’s ok to attack someone because of that. And against the intolerance of islam we defend ourselves with letters.


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