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ISIS threatens the World Cup

Russias security services are on high alert after threats from ISIS where they order their followers to kill them all, supporters and players alike, during the World Cup.

It’s estimated that more than four hundred hardcore ISIS-members have returned to Russia and that they are hungry for revenge on Russia after it’s involvement in Syria. They said in april that Putin will have to pay for killing muslims.

Messi, Ronaldo & Asensio depicted as prisoners by ISIS

ISIS have released a series of threatening and highly disturbing pictures. One depicts the Islamic State carrying AK47s posing as a team with the Russian team by their side in their regular red kit about to play a life or death match. That picture was released by an ISIS cell in Indonesia.

The match day stadia, especially in the big cities like Moscow and S:t Petersburg where there’s many people and many foreigners, are likely targets. The opening and the final will take place in Moscow so they are also probable targets. But attacks may also take place in Sochi and Volgograd due to their easy to reach location.

Lone actors whose range isn’t very big are likely to use knives, vehicles or bombs on busses and trains. Last month Russia killed eleven jihadists in their efforts to pre-empt extreminism before the World Cup starts on the 14th of june.

Let’s pray all goes well!


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