Feminism Political correctness

Biased gender studies

Gender or women studies, or perhaps gender sciences as it’s called in Sweden, is very popular, both on campus and in the media. Perhaps it’s the science that makes the most noise today. Not because of sensational discoverys, but because of the loud voices that push the political agenda that’s inherent in this field of study.

Are you sure?

This is something that I have been thinking a lot about. How can gender studies be scientific when there’s preunderstandings, like the idea of patriarchy, that determines how you perceive the…. everything. It’s like letting a nazi research differences between germans and africans. It’s quite obvious what the outcome will be because of the bias.

In 2017 a swedish study, Objectivity and realms of explanation in academic journal articles concerning sex/gender: a comparison of Gender studies and the other social sciences, was published that show something very interesting. The field of gender studies are best financed, but also most biased and least objective compared to all disciplines in the humanities and social sciences.

So it might be a good idea not to listen too much to those loud voices.


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