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Tribal politics

We have seen it now for a couple of years how the political climate have become more and more infected. People have grouped themselves or been shoved into political tribes and these tribes are in a non-stop war, chiefly on social media. 

The U.S. presidential election in 2016 showed this in an uncomfortable clarity. The Trump derangement syndrom with people crying and attacking Trump or his voters could be seen everywhere and tore familys apart. But it was a problem even before that, especially in universitys where left-wing teachers shamed students who questioned their ideology. An ideology that they were teaching their young students as if it was the truth.

ShapiroQuoteLeftSo what does this lead to? Well, mainly to separation, denigration and the loss of freedom speech. People start censuring themself. You say goodbye to impulsivity and choose your words carefully when talking or writing. There is no room for exploring ideas and will lead to an intellectual stagnation. But no matter how you try to express your conservative or opposing views in a tactful way social justice warriors give no pardon.

They don’t want to to discuss or respect others because those with opposing views are EVIL. We on the right are racists, alt-right and nazis, like that nazi Ben Shapiro in his yamaka. In Sweden we call them gapvänstern which can be translated to howl-lefties and their goal is to make everyone shut up. Very democratic and it demonstrate that they are exactly what they say they despise. The long run effect of this is silence. Like the silence there were about the rapegangs in Great Britain.

ShapiroLeftQuoteAnother thing is that they create their own enemy by stigmatizing others and pushing those who don’t agree further to the right, even if they actually are lefties to begin with. If you’re not let into the tribe you feel at home with you will start to search for a new one, maybe by exploring exactly those groups that the lefties claim that you are a part of. If they say I’m alt-right maybe I am? Few things hurt as much as exclusion and shaming and maybe that will build up an anger that drive you to hate and attack. And the tribal wars continues on.


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