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We don’t set groups against each other in Sweden

The headline is something that politicians told us swedes, again and again, when massmigration hit our country 2015. They meant that we don’t compare different groups needs and say which one should get favoured because that would be racist. And anybody who tried to carry on the conversation after that were labeled a hater.


But anybody with some sense, or who handle their private economy, know that this approach is impossible. Funds are not endless so you have to prioritize. It may feel uncomfortable, but to make hard choices is the job of a politician. Which group are more important?

In six years the number of swedish elderly who are homeless have increased by 23% and the lack of housing is seen as the direct cause. To help the swedes got five million kronor (ca. 595 000$) in aid from the government while homeless unaccompanied minors (new figures show that 70% of them have been lying and are in fact adult) get 120 millions kronor (ca. 14 300 000$) during three years. At the same time immigrants and the relatives that come afterwards get priority in queues and when a town builds new apartments they become so expensive that poor swedes can’t afford them. But immigrants can since it’s the state that pay their bill.


Dental care is very expensive here and that’s why it’s not unheard of people taking loans to get their teeths fixed or to get dentures. Some doesn’t even have that option and go with hurting teeth that makes it hard to eat. But immigrants get all the care they need for 50 kronor (ca. 6$) per visit. Furthermore the immigrants have such bad teeth, both grown ups and children, and need so much help that dentists are working overtime and it’s hard to get an appointment. The queue to get braces can be several years long.

The National Board of Health and Welfare said back in 2016 that the strain on the health care field, especially in primary, dental and phychiatric care, is caused by the great number of immigrants. Add to this a lack of doctors and dentists and you understand how hard it can be to get an appointment. And people have died waiting for surgery.

The care of the elderly have been a field that politician have saved money in for decades. The staff have been cut down, the places in retirement homes have dwindeled so that the elderly get home care instead. Home care means that a stressed out assistent nurse rushes through your home to leave you alone, once again. If you are a shy woman, who never been naked with anybody than your husband, you might have to get your genitals washed by an unknown man because there is no possibility to adept the care to the individual. They are so pressed for time and staff! It’s not uncommon with new carers all the time and sometimes their swedish is bad. Try to understand someone with a thick accent when you’re hard of hearing!


A couple of days ago the news broke that the retirement home Kvarngården in Ingelstad would no longer provide sweetener to their residents because they needed to save money. They said that sweeters wasn’t included in the price for living there, which by the way is huge. People were of course pissed off so now they have changed their mind. At the same time we can read that the costs for unaccompanied minors have been increased by 200 miljoner kronor (ca. 24 000 000$) so it will be 395 miljoner kronor (ca. 47 000 000$) the year of 2018.

How is this not giving one group advantages over the other? Off course swedish taxpayers are going to get angry and wonder why they are working hard to pay for immigrants while swedes may have to give birth in their cars (because of closed maternity wards and long drives to the closest). It’s like the politicians want racism to grow.


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