Info to those married to a child

SWEDEN. When you think that the swedish state can’t become more bizarre they do something so stupid that you think that they must be imbeciles. Now they have released a pamphlet with information to those who are married to a child.


The pamphlet gives information about how it is illegal to have sex with a child under 15 years old, but it is at the same time very vague about how to handle life as married. It says that living together is a bad idea and that the social services may suggest that they live apart. They will help the child to say where she wants to live, which is nothing more than placing the whole burden off the situation on the child. Honourculture is most likely a part of her life which make it impossible for her to say what she really want.

Fortunately the pamphlet instantly got a lot of critique so it was pulled back, but the bill for this land är 1,2 million sek! But how can such an idiotic document even reach the printing press? Why haven’t anybody reacted? I blame this culture of silence that we live in where everybody are scared of saying the wrong thing and being labeled a racist. And we all know how well that worked in Rotterham and Telford…